Monday, 19 March 2007

Last of the Mohicans

At the tender age of two years and five months, Tom has just had his first hair cut. I finally took the plunge and plucked up the courage to cut it. Tom was mostly bald for the first year of his life and then grew a mass of curls in a mohican up the middle of his head. Whilst the sides still aren't long enough to cut, the mohican section was getting very long and, despite my best efforts, kept getting matted. I therefore focused my efforts there and left the rest well alone! I was very nervous about messing it up, but finally took the plunge and took the scissors upstairs when I took them up for their bath. We'd bought Tom some bath crayons at the aquarium yesterday, so I set him up with those to keep him distracted and (most importantly) still! I combed out the tangles and went towards his hair with the scissors...I couldn't do it! I just couldn't cut his beautiful curls. But, I knew it had to be done, so with a lump in my throat...SNIP, the first cut. Once I'd done that it was easier to do the rest. I have to say, I haven't done a bad job. The front could do with being a bit tidier, but the back looks pretty good. Still, I never would have attempted it if he had straight hair! I've got all the cuttings in a little pot, which probably makes me a bit sad, but it was his first hair cut after all. I think his next hair cut will have to be done by professionals, because by then the rest of his hair will have grown too, but I have temporarily tamed the mohican anyway.
After - Look at those curls!

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