Wednesday, 21 March 2007

She weighs how much?!!

I had the Podlings weighed today and I can officially tell you that there is a mere 4lb 9oz difference in weight between my 10 month old and my 29 month old! Tom weighs 24 lb 12oz and is in the 9th percentile. Lily is a rather impressive 20 lbs 3 oz and is way up in the 75th percentile. I had been to the clinic because I had been a bit concerned about Tom's eating, in that he hardly eats anything! The nurse managed to put my mind at rest by assuring me that he is not underweight and is just a fussy eater. She suggested cutting back on his milk intake (he drinks much more than he is supposed to at his age), which should improve his appetite. We had a good chat and she gave me some good advice and reassured me that I am doing the right things. I will see her again in three weeks to discuss how things are going. I'm so glad I went to see her about it because I felt so much better afterwards. I think Tom's lack of eating was getting to me far more than I suspected.

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