Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Outdoor fun

Between the awful weather and long bouts of quarantine due to chicken pox, the Podlings and I have hardly seen the light of day for about a month. When today began bright and sunny, I resolved that we would spend as much of it outdoors as possible. Accordingly, I bundled the Podlings into the pushchair and off we went to the park. Tom had fun rediscovering the park and lining up random objects he found on the ground. Lily had a great time on the swing. We then went for a walk around the green next to the park and had a lovely time trying to spot daisys. We saw a small flock of rooks on the grass that Tom thought were chickens. "Bye chickens" he said, as they flew away. I didn't know chickens could fly!

I will always have a beautiful mental photograph from this walk of Tom standing on the grass, with the sun shining on his golden curls, looking intently at a daisy held in his clenched fist. Moments like that are so precious.

The sun continued into the afternoon, so after their naps we went into the garden to blow bubbles and kick a ball around. Tom had fun chasing the bubbles round the garden and trying to pop the big ones. Unfortunately, the decking was still wet from all the rain and a bit slippery, so Tom ended up with a rather green bottom from the algae. Lily, who was wrapped up and sat in her highchair observing the proceedings, found it all rather entertaining.

I'm so glad we made the most of the weather. As I took them upstairs for their bath this evening, the heavens opened. It looks like we'll have rain again for a while longer, but at least we had today.

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Quidam_Ela said...

Well, chickens can propel themselves quite far; esepecially if thrown with gusto.