Wednesday, 21 March 2007

The amazing and talented Nanny Floss

This is my mum holding up the quilt she has just finished making for Tom. It's amazing isn't it. It is entirely hand appliqued and she did the quilting on a sewing machine. I really do think she is very talented...would you belive she calls herself a beginner quilter?! I beg to differ!

Tom absolutely loves the quilt, which is such a relief given how much work mum has put into it! As soon as he was given it, he sat down in the middle of it and proceeded to push Lily's hand away every time she tried to crawl on it (he later decided he didn't mind her sitting on it after all). He then insisted on taking it to the shops with us and played on it for half an hour when we got back. We had it on our laps during story time and then he took it to bed. I have never seen him get attached to anything like a blanket or soft toy before, so it is lovely to see him with it. My mum is so thrilled he likes it so much.

(For those of you wondering, it's Nanny Floss because, when he was little, my mum was the only one Tom would let brush his teeth)

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