Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Too much of a good thing!

Today marked a milestone in Lily's life...her first taste of chocolate. Last night, Mark and I had some of his Valentine's chocolate bar and rather stupidly forgot to put it away. Needless to say, Tom found it on the table this morning and helped himself. Having had his fill, he must have abandoned it on the floor. Guess who found it! We came into the room to find Lily literally coated in chocolate, with two little chocolatey hand prints on our cream carpet! She appeared to be having a fabulous time and broke her heart when Daddy took her chocolate away! She soon cheered up again, presumably at the horrified looks on our faces! No Cadbury's chocolate buttons for Lily's first taste of chocolate. Only the finest handmade Belgian dark chocolate for her. Typical girl!

Prior to her chocolate adventure she was looking rather pretty in the new cardigan made for her by her Great Auntie Mary. Sadly, I didn't get any pre-chocolate shots, but she does look lovely in it.

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Quidam_Ela said...

You realise that Cadburys will never be good enough now!