Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Gingerbread House Fun

The Podlings' after school festive treat today was to build and decorate a gingerbread house whilst eating gingerbread men.

Decorating a gingerbread house has become something of an annual Christmas tradition now. The Podlings all work together on it and it is a real joint effort and something they all enjoy. Even Alex had a go this year. He sat and watched the others for a while, before stretching up on to the table and sticking sweets on to the house. Obviously all of four of them ate at least as many sweets as they put on the house, but that is part of the fun! It gives me so much pleasure to watch the four of them co-operating on a task (believe me, it doesn't happen often!). 

The children had been to see Peter Pan in pantomime with the school this morning, so Emma naturally came home and dressed up as Tinkerbell. She also wanted to wear roller skates just like the Tinkerbell on stage did, but I suggested that perhaps this wasn't a good idea!

Alex joins in

Naturally, many sweets were consumed!

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