Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Decorating the Tree

We thought it best to decorate the Christmas tree after Alex was in bed. The Podlings loved going through the box of decorations and picking out their own special ornaments from previous years and hanging them on the tree. Once the special ornaments are on, we fill the gaps with red and gold baubles. I love our tree of memories. Decorated by the children and filled with ornaments that have special meanings. It may not look like the ones in the magazines, but to me it is far more beautiful.

The following morning, Alex's whole face lit up when he came downstairs to find a big tree covered in sparkly things in the lounge. These moments are so precious.


Ann Kay said...

I agree as I said in the previous post about choosing baubles. A tree with a memory to each bauble is better than a designer one any day.

Paula said...

I completely agree. I love our memory tree! Makes it a little more stressful with a toddler about the place who likes to handle them though! We hung the breakable and very special ones out of his reach! Thankfully he was more interested in putting things on the tree than taking them off, but we did have a couple of breakages. He thought the baubles were balls and threw a couple on the kitchen floor hoping they would bounce. They didn't!

Ann Kay said...

Par for the course with tiny fingers a few breakages.Even I managed to break one of our oldest decorations this year a little fragile house it was one we got in a box of mixed decorations around our first Christmas together in 1965. boo boo