Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas Day 2015

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas and it won't come as a surprise to anyone to learn that I took a great many photos to record the day! The Podlings told us it was the best Christmas ever, so that made me very happy! 

Grace looking pretty in pink

Baby Poppy taking it all in

Alex and Grace play wonderfully alongside each other. They are only four months apart and I love watching them together. Alex is very fond of Grace and cries whenever it is time for her to leave. They are just so sweet together!

Emma and Daddy building Lego Friends, which is all Emma wanted for Christmas!

Alex mostly had cars for Christmas and had the most fantastic time playing with them all!

This handsome fellow is growing up before my very eyes!

Tom and Alex had matching jumpers for Christmas Day and Tom wanted us to try and get a photo of them together. We didn't really get a good shot, but they had a fantastic time together in the attempt!

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