Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Festive Treats

I love December! It is a busy month, full of excitement and anticipation and I like to try and make special family moments amidst the busyness. I love to welcome the Podlings home from school with a plate of festive treats and maybe a new picture book or Christmas craft. Today after school the Podlings came home to homemade krispie cakes, a new Christmas story ('Lucy and Tom at Christmas' by Shirley Hughes) and paper chain kits so we could make paper chains like Lucy and Tom do in the story. We read the story together and then the girls had a lovely time making the chains whilst we sang along to Christmas songs. A very simple, but pleasurable way to spend some quality time together in a busy month.

Alex was perfectly content just to sit and watch whilst enjoying his chocolate treat. He is such a happy boy!

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