Thursday, 31 December 2015

A New Year's Eve Walk

We thought an end of year walk would be just the thing to blow away those Christmas holiday cobwebs. Undeterred by the cold and the prospect of rain later in the day we donned coats and headed out to Bramcote Hills Park for some much needed fresh air. We had a lovely walk in the winter sunshine, with Alex finding just about every puddle along the way. Now there is a boy in need of a pair of wellies! If there is any water on the ground my boy will find it and then in he goes!

We had promised the Podlings some time in the play park at the end of the walk, but just before we got back there the clouds came over, the wind picked up and the temperature plummeted. Not to be put off, we got out the Thermos flasks and the accompanying treats that Mark's mum had packed up for us all and set ourselves up on a picnic table whilst Lily braved the park. Then the rain started! We doggedly finished our tea and biscuits (we are British!) and then fled to the cars just before it really started hammering it down. Our New Year's Eve walk certainly achieved the initial objective of blowing away the cobwebs!

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