Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

I love Christmas Eve! In many ways I find it more magical than Christmas Day. The excitement and anticipation as the children await the arrival of Father Christmas makes it so special. This year we spent Christmas with Mark's parents. I packed a special Christmas Eve basket for the Podlings to open in the evening, containing all the elements of our usual Christmas Eve traditions, and some new ones. The basket contained four new sets of pyjamas, a tin of shortbread, hot chocolate and my childhood copy of 'The Night Before Christmas'. It also contained a special new plate and bowl for the Podlings to leave out their treats for Father Christmas and the reindeer and four packets of magical reindeer food that my parents had given them to scatter outside on Christmas Eve.

First, they scattered their reindeer food in the garden before having baths and getting into their new pyjamas. They then had their supper whilst I read 'The Night Before Christmas' to them. I took Alex up to bed first and spent time rocking and singing him to sleep, a delightful Christmas present to myself as bedtime is normally more efficient than that! We tracked Santa's progress with the Santa Tracker App and they left out a mince pie and some milk for Father Christmas and some water and a carrot for Rudolf. We then tucked the other Podlings up in bed and were rather surprised at how well they settled. It was a truly magical evening!

Alex wasn't really co-operating with the traditional Christmas Eve pyjama photo. There are a great many outtakes and this was about the best picture we could manage of the four of them!

Finding out where Father Christmas is with the Santa Tracker App on Daddy's phone

A freshly washed baby in a new babygro...heavenly!

'You didn't really want these lights on your Christmas tree did you Nanna?'

A lovely photo of my two eldest Podlings. If only they could get along like this all the time!

Three of the Podlings with their lovely Nanna

Not quite sure why Emma has a carrot in her mouth here!

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