Thursday, 24 July 2014

Summer Surprise

My Dad preparing the surprise

We have been enjoying some incredibly hot summer weather here and upon finding out that we don't have a paddling pool (or Podling pool as we like to call it here), my parents decided to surprise the Podlings with a new one. My Dad inflated the ginormous pool in a shady spot in the garden and started the long, long job of filling it. Finally, after lunch, it was ready for the big reveal. The Podlings had no idea what their surprise was and were incredibly excited to discover it was a new (and very big!) paddling pool. The girls were very quickly clamouring to get into their swimming costumes. They spent most of the rest of the day in it and were two very clean little girls at bedtime! Tom was considerably less keen and having stepped in it for a few seconds declared it to be too cold and hasn't been near it since! 

Thank you Mum and Dad! I'm sure this pool will give us many happy summers of fun!

The big reveal!


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