Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sports Day 2014

Lining up for her first race

It was Emma's first sports day this year and she was initially very sad about it as she remembered how much fun we had watching Tom and Lily last year and wanted to be with me. Once she was actually there and sat with her friends though she appeared to enjoy it a great deal. Emma is quite tiny compared to her classmates, so she has her work cut out keeping up with them in races, but she certainly gave it her all. I particularly loved her in the 200 metre race when she was third from the back and then kept slowing down to allow her friends to catch up! So sweet!

Lily and Tom had their sports day in the afternoon of the same day that Emma had hers in the morning. Lily gave it her all and was very proud to come second in her skipping race heat. Well done Lily!

Tom, as ever, had no competitive urge, but was simply there to have fun and enjoy himself, which, after all, is what it should all be about. He was most pleased about the fact that Alexander was there to watch him and spent most of his races looking at his baby brother!

Well done Podlings! You all did very well!

Go Lily!

Smiling at Alexander!

Tom is shouting "Hey, Alex!" as he is running past us here!

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