Monday, 21 July 2014

Emma's 5th Birthday

Emma has been looking forward to her birthday since Lily's birthday in May. It's been a long couple of months of waiting for her, but finally her special day arrived. Her birthday list consisted of three things, namely an Elsa costume, a real ballet dress and real ballet shoes. She was, as you can imagine, beyond thrilled to receive all these things for her birthday. She also received a real microphone from my parents and she spent much of her birthday morning changing between her new costumes and singing into her microphone. The day got even better when Nanna and Grandad arrived with even more dress-up costumes! She had a beautiful set of five costumes, complete with shoes and accessories from them and a new Anna (from Frozen) costume from Uncle Greg and Auntie Kelly. She was in dress-up heaven for the rest of the day!

Emma loves baking, so she spent time in the kitchen with me making fairy cakes and her birthday cake. She even got to help decorate her birthday cake, which she loved. This girl loves being in the kitchen with her Mummy!

The excitement of the day got too much for her in the afternoon though and she crashed out on the sofa, surrounded by her presents. She had to woken up for her birthday tea, and she took some waking up! She had the most wonderful day.

Opening gifts

Emma in her new Elsa costume, the main thing she wanted for her birthday

She was very pleased with the new microphone from Nanny and Grandad

Could she be any cuter?

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