Monday, 21 July 2014

Emma's birthday party

Emma decided about a day and a half before her actual birthday that she wanted a mermaid themed birthday party. In a slight panic, knowing that there was no way I could pull that off on such short notice with a new baby thrown in for good measure, I took her to the party aisle in Tescos and allowed her to choose from their party selection. I was fully expecting her to choose the Disney Princess partyware, so was somewhat taken aback when she went for the 'Kittens and Bows' partyware and told me she wanted a kitten birthday. Not being up to much, creatively speaking, with the whole sleep-deprivation thing, I gratefully bought up a bunch of Kittens and Bows partyware (which was thankfully on special offer) and started thinking about what I was going to do about the cake. We did offer to let Emma pick a birthday cake from Tesco, but she told me that she wanted me to make her a kitten cake.

After much consideration, I finally decided that the best thing to do for the cake was to make my standard chocolate topped Victoria sponge and just make a little kitten out of fondant icing. On the morning of Emma's birthday, my parents popped down to Tesco and bought me some white and pink fondant icing and I set to work trying to make something cute to go on Emma's cake. You can see my efforts in the photo below. Emma helped to decorate the cake with lots and lots of coloured sugar. The cake had a real crunch to it! The party contained all the expected party foods, including homemade fairy cakes. Chocolate this time, with strawberry icing. Emma chose the wafer daisies to go on top.

Emma enjoyed her party (though she had to be woken up from a deep sleep to attend it) and loved blowing out the candles on her cake, always a highlight for her! She was particularly pleased with the giant pink '5' candle we bought for the top of the cake. A good time was had by all!

I made the kitten, mouse and number 5 from fondant icing. Emma helped to decorate the cake. Can you tell?

Homemade fairy cakes

Emma was so worn out by all the excitement she fell asleep on the sofa surrounded by her presents and had to woken for her party.

Eating the icing off a fairy cake (she rarely eats the actual cake!)

A sleepy Emma getting ready to blow out her candles

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