Monday, 28 July 2014

A Typical Day Out at the Beach!

Mark didn't have a cardigan (and it was very cold!), so he was forced to wear the bright yellow fleece hat he keeps in the glove compartment. At least we couldn't lose him! 

It has been glorious weather all week, so we could be forgiven for planning a trip to the beach. I was worried about taking Alexander out in the heat of the day, so we planned to go late and enjoy a late afternoon/early evening picnic. This has the added advantage that the beaches are much quieter later in the day anyway.

We spent Sunday morning making up a lovely picnic. I made chocolate muffins and flapjacks, we made a pile of egg and cress sandwiches and packed lots of fruit and biscuits besides. It was going to be a good spread! We set off with Mark's parents and drove the 75 miles to Prestatyn in North Wales. The nearer we got to beach, the more overcast the sky became. By the time we arrived in Prestatyn car park, it was looking pretty miserable. On getting out of the car it quickly became obvious that it didn't just look miserable, it was miserable! It was cold, incredibly windy and as we got there it started to rain. We managed to give the children their promised ice creams before the heavens truly opened and we were forced to retreat to the cars.

We didn't want to waste the lovely picnic, so we drove to a motorway services and carried our picnic hampers and cool bag inside. We enjoyed a lovely, though somewhat unusual, picnic in the warmth of the motorway services and, funnily enough, the Podlings had a great time! Although disappointed about the beach, our motorway picnic was enough of a novelty that the Podlings really loved it! We bought them all 20p bouncy balls and some sweets from the shop and you would think they had been on holiday! We plan to try the beach again on Saturday...hopefully we'll get better weather this time!

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