Monday, 2 December 2013


Tom had the special treat of spending the weekend at his Nanna and Grandad's house last weekend. It was the first time he has been away on his own and he had the most wonderful weekend. He went swimming on Saturday, where he learned to go down the big flume all by himself and discovered that he loved it above all things (he must have gone down it at least twenty times apparently!) He was thoroughly indulged, got to eat all his favourite foods and basically had the most fantastic time. He is already asking when he can go and stay again!

So that the girls didn't feel like they were missing out, I allowed them to share a room for the weekend. They have been asking for a sleepover for ages, so it seemed like a good weekend to indulge the request. Emma has the biggest of the children's rooms (we knew she might have to share it someday!), so we dragged Lily's mattress onto Emma's floor. The original plan was that Emma would sleep in her bed and Lily would sleep on the floor, but as soon as we moved Lily's mattress Emma was asking to have her mattress put on the floor too. We put them side by side and they were as happy as two peas in a pod. It's fair to say that they didn't exactly settle down quickly on the first night, but on the second night they were as good as gold. I'm not quite sure how two little girls can make so much mess in such a short space of time though. It's going to take me a while to get their rooms back in order again!

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