Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Christmas Wedding

The Bride and Groom
Three days after Christmas saw us celebrating the wedding of Mark's youngest brother Ryan to his fiancée Carrie. They couldn't have asked for a better day for the time of year and, although cold,  the sun shone out brightly for them. It was a real family affair, with Mark's other brother Greg as the best man, Greg's wife Kelly the chief bridesmaid, Mark as usher, Tom as page boy and Lily and Emma as bridesmaids. Mark and I both did readings during the service and once again Mark's Uncle Keith was the wedding photographer. Carrie looked absolutely beautiful in her gorgeous dress and the whole day was just wonderful. The children behaved beautifully and I was very proud of them. We all had a lovely time and we left with three sleepy children at about 10.50pm in the evening. Emma didn't wake up at all as I undressed her for bed, which was interesting!
Many Congratulations Ryan and Carrie! Wishing you a long and happy life together.
Welcome to the family Carrie!

Tom looked very handsome in his wedding suit. He was rather put out at being made to wear pink, but seemed to forget he was wearing the cravat after a while!

Carrie walking down the aisle with her father

The wedding cake, complete with snow bride and snow groom

My father-in-law plotting world domination in the tallest chair I have ever seen!

Mark looking rather dashing in his wedding finery.

Tom and Emma playing Angry Birds on the iPad.

Photo credit: Keith Avard
With the exception of this last one, all the photos in this post are mine. Mark's Uncle was the wedding photographer, so I will try to post a few of his rather lovelier photos at a later date.

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