Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Opening stockings on Christmas morning
The Podlings woke at the rather civilised time of 7.40am on Christmas morning and just sat talking to each other in bed until I went in and told them to come into our room. Emma was thrilled that Santa brought the candy spray she was hoping for (!) and Lily was thrilled to get lots of stationery. We went downstairs and the Podlings waited patiently for all the grown-ups to come downstairs before opening their main presents. Much happy tearing of paper ensued and I think they had opened all their gifts before 9.30am!
They spent the rest of the day quietly playing with all their new things and amusing themselves. They had a good game of 'Super Dogs' with Uncle Ryan in the afternoon, which just about made the day perfect for them. (Super Dogs is a special game that Uncle Ryan and the Podlings came up with on their own and only Uncle Ryan is allowed to play it with them. The Podlings spend a lot of time between visits planning out these games. Uncle Ryan is much adored!). Mum and Dad P. cooked a glorious Christmas dinner and put out a lively buffet in the evening and we all went to bed happy and extremely well-fed! It was a lovely day! 

Lily enjoying some of her new stationery

Waiting patiently to open gifts

Emma with her new doll

One of the best pictures I was able to get of Emma in her beautiful Christmas Day outfit. She looked adorable!

Lily loved her cross stitch kit from her Great Aunt and Uncle. Auntie Mary and Uncle Keith were also staying at Mark's parents' house over Christmas and it was lovely to be able to spend some time with them. They live in Devon and we don't get to see them very often.

Tom with his favourite Christmas present, the official Angry Birds sticker book. My boy loves Angry Birds!


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