Monday, 9 December 2013

Costume Making

Christmas concert season is upon us once again and the Podlings are all busy rehearsing for their school productions. I found myself needing to make two out of the three costumes this year. Emma is an angel in her class nativity, so I am thrilled to be able to again make use of the absolutely beautiful angel costume I bought her for her playgroup production last year.

Tom is a narrator in his class production of the nativity story, so he needed to look, in the words of his teacher, "like a Bethlehem person". The problem is that all the cheap nativity costumes are only made in smaller sizes and at nine years old Tom needed something longer. I didn't want to spend a lot of money for something that will hardly get worn, so out came the dressmaking scissors, an old sheet and a bit of ingenuity. I didn't have a pattern, I literally just made it up as I went along. The long robe is made from an old cream sheet that we haven't used for years. Tom was quite appalled when I got him to try on the robe "I look like an ANGEL!" he said in disgust. He was pacified by my assurances that the costume wasn't finished and he wouldn't look like an angel by the time it was finished! I made the waistcoat/jerkin from some brown cord I had in my stash and I stitched a knotted length of stripy fabric to the shoulder just to finish it off. I'm relieved to say that Tom is quite happy with the final result. I have to confess to being thoroughly lazy with this costume. I didn't hem anything! It just didn't seem worth putting all that effort into something that won't be worn again after the last performance. I figure the raw edges will add to the rustic charm of the ensemble!

Lily's costume required some creative thinking, but was much quicker to make than Tom's. Lily's class are performing Roald Dahl's version of Snow White and Lily is the mirror. A speaking part no less! I found a cheap artists canvas for sale in our local Home Bargains which was perfect. It was light (she was going to have to wear it round her neck) and it gave us the 'frame' we needed. The front of the canvas became the back of the mirror. I filled in the 'glass' with silver metallic card and glued strips of gold card around the frame. I then stuck on lots of gem and glitter stickers (the mirror belongs to a queen you know, so one assumes it would be jewel encrusted!). Finally, I tacked some wide ribbon to the back, so Lily can comfortably wear it round her neck. I was really pleased with how it turned out. The photo doesn't really show how lovely and glittery the whole thing is. Lily is over the moon with it!

I can't wait until Friday when I get to see all of my little people in their concerts. Break a leg Podlings!

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall..."

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Amazing. Love Mumxxx