Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A Basketload of Fun

I'm now almost 17 weeks pregnant and the nausea that has been my constant companion for the past three months has finally gone. I started to feel an awful lot better this week and I am finally finding the energy to try to restore order to the chaos that my home became during my first trimester. I managed to get to the bottom of one of the enormous ironing piles today, so the Podlings were greeted with the relative novelty of an empty laundry basket when they got home from school. Emma immediately claimed it for a boat and dragged it into the lounge. Later in the evening, when I finished clearing up the tea things, I went into the lounge to find that Emma had set the basket up in front of the TV and turned it into a cozy little bed. I'm not sure why we bother spending money on toys when an empty laundry basket can provide so much entertainment!


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Anonymous said...

Empty baskets, boxes and wrapping paper always seem to provide so much fun when a child has that spark of imagination.A Kay