Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Half Term and Hallowe'en

Last week was half term with Halloween falling in the middle of it, so I was able to enjoy having all my Podlings home together again. I made chocolate play dough for them on Monday, which provided hours of entertainment all week. We made pumpkin faces out of paper plates and did lots of colouring. Poor Lily took ill mid-week and turned out to have a nasty bout of tonsillitis, which meant we had a very low key Halloween. I decorated the lounge and dining room (no photos surprisingly), they all got their usual basket of goodies in the morning and Emma and I did the pumpkins in the evening, but we decided to leave all our usual Halloween fun until Lily was feeling better. Thanks to the wonders of penicillin, Lily was feeling much better the following day, so we made chocolate covered apples, played the doughnut game (see video below) and had a good game of Ghost Hunt as soon as it was dark enough. (Ghost Hunt was a gift from my sister for Tom's birthday last year and the Podlings all love it). It was such a shame that Lily was ill during half term, but we managed to have a lovely week regardless. Now I'm counting down to the Christmas holidays so I can have them all home again!

Fun with chocolate play dough

Play dough has universal kid appeal. At nine years old, Tom still enjoys playing with it.

They were making cakes and fairy cakes with the chocolate play dough, so it wasn't long before the wooden cakes and tin tea sets came out and we had a full blown party on our hands. I even had to light the candles I had put out for them to use in their play!

The Podlings made pumpkins out of paper plates, orange glitter paint, black card and chalk. We used these to decorate the dining room for Halloween.

Emma spent much of the week dressing up in various costumes. It's not really worth dressing her in proper clothes when we are home all day!

Emma helped to gut the pumpkin. Her verdict when touching the inside of the pumpkin for the first time: "This is really gross!"


Lily was really feeling poorly on Halloween, but she desperately wanted me to draw something spooky on her face with eye liner. She was thrilled with her web and spider, even if she did only have it on for half an hour before we had to clean it off so she could go to bed.

Emma making chocolate covered apples

Playing 'The Doughnut Game', whereby I hang ring doughnuts up in the conservatory and the Podlings have to try and eat them without using their hands. Apologies for the state of the conservatory. We don't really use it once it gets colder, so it becomes a bit of a dumping ground!

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