Monday, 25 November 2013

Class Assemblies

Lily was a Mugglewump and had to wear brown clothes. We made the ears and a long tail (which you can't see here) to go with the costume. They made the masks in school.

Last Friday morning I had the pleasure of watching Lily perform in her class assembly. Her class were doing two little plays based on scenes from Roald Dahl's 'The Twits' (which I coincidentally read to Tom and Lily earlier this year). Lily was a Mugglewump (they are monkeys, for those of you unfamiliar with the story). Lily had a couple of lines and she spoke them loudly and clearly. She did brilliantly in the dance and was basically a little superstar. I did get some lovely video of her dance, but unfortunately the school name is clearly visible in the background and I am a bit paranoid about putting too much identifying information on the Internet (Mum, remind me to show you the video when you next visit).

It is a huge thing for Lily to get through an entire school performance. She still suffers a bit from separation anxiety and usually gets terribly upset when I am in the audience. She only ever used to last up to five minutes on stage before she had to be led off in tears, but today she got through the entire performance without any tears at all and actually appeared to be enjoying herself. She did get upset after the performance when the children were allowed to come and talk to us parents. I left her in floods of tears because she wanted to come home with me, but she did so well right up until then. Funnily enough, if she is in an afternoon performance and knows she will be coming home with me afterwards, she is all sunshine and smiles! Thankfully her Christmas performance will be in the afternoon, so we shouldn't have any tears for that.

I had the pleasure of attending Tom's school assembly the Friday before Lily's. Tom's class performed Oscar Wilde's delightful story 'The Selfish Giant' and I have to confess to getting tears in my eyes they did such a lovely job. I have become terribly sentimental since becoming a mother! Tom was a narrator and did very well. Tom has come on in leaps and bounds when it comes to school performances. Loud music (and loud noises in general) can be very upsetting for him (he used to have to be taken out of music classes when he was in the infants as he found the noise so distressing), so to see him not only on stage but happy during school performances just shows how far he has come. Unfortunately, from where I was sat in the audience, combined with where he was on stage, I wasn't able to get a single decent photograph. He did so well though and I was very proud of him.

Well done Tom and Lily on your fabulous performances. Mummy is very proud of you both!

Lily is in the middle

Lily is in the middle of the 'cage' on the right

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