Thursday, 7 November 2013

Hello Little one!

Ultrasound scan picture of Podling #4 at 13 weeks.

We were excited to be able to see our newest little Podling today as I had my first trimester dating scan. Emma's dating scan was over very quickly, but the lady who did this one was lovely and spent a lot more time with us, so I felt that we got to have a really good look at the baby this time. To begin with the baby was facing us, but s/he almost immediately rolled right over and turned its back on us. Luckily it settled down and we were able to get a really good look. The baby is 6.9 cm crown to rump, has the required number of arms and legs, a strong heartbeat and there is evidence that the baby has started swallowing and that the kidneys have started functioning. That is about all they can tell you at the dating scan, but it is enough to make me more than happy. I always feel so much happier about the pregnancy once I have had the first scan. I have felt the baby move a few times (the first time at only 11 weeks believe it or not), so I did know it was in there, but it is always nice to see it up on the screen. It all feels a lot more real somehow. The more in-depth foetal anomaly scan will be on New Year's Eve, so I should hopefully be seeing in the New Year with a shiny new picture of my baby.


Anonymous said...

Another photogenic podling? A beautiful picture I can't stop looking at it. Love Mum xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello seen your latest podling its a while since you updated your blog. I do hope is well with you or are you feeling 1 degree under?
Christmas is approaching fast so no doubt a very busy time for you.

Paula said...


Thank you so much for your concern! We are all fine thank you. I've had a nasty cold, but am over that now and am now finally not feeling sick for the first time in months (thank goodness!). Hooray for the second trimester!

Blogging has been taking a bit of a back seat for various reasons, not least of which are computer problems. Our Internet connection is rather slow, which makes uploading photos a bit of a chore. Plus, my computer is on its last legs and is prone to suddenly switching itself off, which can be frustrating when you have spent ages uploading photos, only to lose everything!

Christmas is indeed approaching, which we are all excited about. Naturally this means we will be busy, but I do hope to carve out more time for blogging now that I am feeling better. Bear with me...I will get back to updating the blog :-)