Friday, 7 September 2012

Widemouth Bay again

Looks like rain!

On the day after our visit to Cotehele my parents came over to visit us in the caravan. The Podlings loved having both sets of grandparents for the day and Molly and Flash (my parents' dogs) certainly sweetened the deal. After lunch we headed over to the beach, choosing to ignore the rather ominous clouds on the horizon.

My mum hasn't been to the beach in a very long time and she was so excited! It was also Flash's first time at the beach and he was a bit less impressed. He was quite happy on the sand, but was not at all thrilled with the sea and, since the tide was coming in, was even less thrilled that the waves were chasing him! Molly had the time of her life!

The ominous grey clouds on the horizon eventually became ominous grey clouds overhead and we were subjected to a brief rain shower. There's a British seaside holiday for you! Although it remained cold, the clouds did move on and we stayed on the beach for a while longer before my parents had to head home. Living in the British Isles you learn to have a good time regardless of the weather!

I love this photo of my mum and dad with the Podlings

Flash was not impressed by the sea!

Ominous grey clouds. A typical British seaside holiday!

If you look closely you can see the raindrops on the water

Lily and Emma found this enormous hole. I love the way Lily manages to look like she dug it herself!

My dad took the opportunity to do some metal-detecting and Tom was excited to go along with him.

Making sandcastles

Mark trying to stay warm beneath one of the children's blankets. If Mark feels cold, then you know it really is cold!

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