Saturday, 1 September 2012

Stories of Old

Lily reading The Adventures of King Arthur (from the Usborne Young Readers series) to Tom.

The morning of our visit to Tintagel, I was explaining to the Podlings the connection the village had with the legends of King Arthur. I did my best to remember the tales I read twenty or so years ago, but the gaps in my stories just left Lily begging for more detail.

After visiting Tintagel Castle, we picked up this children's book about King Arthur in the gift shop and it turned out to be £5 very well spent. Lily read it in the car on the way back from Tintagel, she wanted it for her bedtime story and she has read it incessantly ever since. She could probably recite it from memory by now! The stories have really captured her imagination and I notice that she has taken to keeping the book under her pillow. No doubt for sneaky bedtime reading after we have said goodnight!

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