Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Berry Happy!

The blackberry harvest is going splendidly. We managed to get out before the rains came on Sunday and picked three pounds of blackberries, some of which are now enjoying a new existence as jam. I've had blackberry jam on toast every morning for breakfast so far this week and the Podlings are also tucking in. I'm finding a small bit of jam on the end of a spoon is a wonderful incentive to concentrate on homework!

I picked another pound of blackberries after collecting Emma from playgroup this morning and made a second batch of jam this afternoon. The Podlings finished off the leftover berries after tea and Tom has asked me to pick some more whilst he is at school tomorrow! I still have two or three pounds of blackberries in the freezer and there are still plenty of berries still to ripen on the bushes. Don't you just love autumn!

Heading home with a full basket.

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