Saturday, 22 September 2012

Feeding the fish

We went to Biddulph Grange Gardens again this afternoon as the Podlings wanted to feed the fish. We bought some fish food in the gift shop and the Podlings spent a happy time feeding the enormous fish in the lake. We had a lovely walk round the gardens, enjoying what is supposed to be the last day of decent weather for a while. The rains are set to arrive tomorrow, but at least we managed to enjoy a pleasant Saturday afternoon together.

A lovely photo of my adorable Podlings

Emma slipped and fell in the mud whilst trying to get to a cat. This photo completely fails to convey how muddy she got since most of the mud was on her legs and bottom!

Aforementioned cat. This cat followed us round the entire garden and eventually to the car park, much to the Podlings' delight. They seemed most disappointed that they couldn't bring it home!

My sweet girls. One lady we saw today told me how nice it was to see little girls dressed as little girls as it isn't something you see very often these days. It is always nice to receive such compliments. It is no mean feat acquiring traditional little girls' clothes within our budget and it is getting even harder as Lily gets older. I have a very distinct idea of how I think little girls should be dressed that seems to fly in the face of modern tastes in childrenswear.

.The sky was beautiful this evening.


Catherine said...

I agree about little girls clothing. I'm having the same issues here finding nice clothes that I feel are appropriate for my Hannah, who will turn 7 in January.

Paula said...

It is so difficult as they get older isn't it! After the age of about five or six it seems we are supposed to dress them as mini-teenagers!

Traditional clothing is easy to find if you can afford to spend upwards of £50 on a dress, but most of us mere mortals can't afford that!

The quest continues...