Thursday, 6 September 2012


In the middle of our week in Cornwall, Mark's aunt and uncle came over to visit us in our caravan. They only live in Devon, so it wasn't too far for them to come and it was a lovely chance to see them again. They stayed for lunch in the caravan and then we headed over to Cotehele, a Tudor mansion near Saltash. When we lived in Cornwall, Cotehele was about 7 miles away from our house, but somehow we never managed to visit it. This probably had something to do with having two children under two, but it is still a shame as we were missing out on something wonderful.

We rang my parents up and arranged to meet them at the house as it isn't too far from where they live, so it was a regular family day out. Unfortunately, it ended up being rather late in the afternoon when we got there and the house was shut for the day. Luckily the grounds are open from dawn until dusk, so we were able to spend time exploring the beautiful gardens. It was a lovely sunny day, the gardens were peaceful and the flowers were blooming in all their glory. It was a glorious afternoon.

My wonderful parents

Three lovely ladies

My sweet boy

How doth the little bumblebee...

Auntie Mary and Mum P.

The sun was in my eyes, but there are so few pictures of me on holiday that I thought I would include it anyway.

My favourite people

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