Monday, 10 September 2012

Blackberry Rambles

On Saturday afternoon we gathered up our baskets and went out for our first blackberry ramble of the season. They seem to be ripening later than usual this year as although we managed to pick a pound and a half between us (not counting the huge number the Podlings ate), there are still loads of berries on the bushes that still have to ripen. This means we will get to enjoy a few more blackberry picking walks before the season is done and I hope to get enough berries to make at least a couple of jars of blackberry jam. You can't beat homemade bramble jam!

Of the berries we picked on Saturday, I put some into muffins, others into a delicious apple and blackberry crumble, some were just eaten as they were and I still have quite a few in the freezer to play with at a later date. I'm looking forward to our future blackberry rambles and filling the freezer with our hedgerow harvest.

My lovely hat was a birthday present from Mark. My husband knows me well! My dress is vintage Laura Ashley if you are interested in such things

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