Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The morning of Lily's birthday

Waiting for the birthday girl 

Lily's birthday fell on a Sunday this year, which meant that we were able to enjoy a lovely family day together. She awoke very early and in great excitement! She opened her presents and cards straight away and then enjoyed a breakfast of ham (she loves meat for breakfast) followed by pink doughnuts. Lily chose to go to the beach for her birthday this year, so once breakfast was finished I got on with packing our bags whilst she played with her new things. She was particularly enamoured of the Melissa and Doug cupcake set that her Nanny and Grandad gave her and she loved the camera she received from us. She packed several of her new toys to take to the beach with her, including her new doll's crib with a set of bedding that I made to go in it. She didn't play with them when we got to the beach, but I suppose she didn't want to leave her new things behind!

Lily opening her presents 

A rare treat, doughnuts for breakfast. 

Lily playing with her cupcake decorating set, a gift from her grandparents. She really loves this toy and it has already been played with a lot.

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