Saturday, 19 May 2012

A nine turtle stack

"So Yertle the Turtle King, lifted his hand
And Yertle, the Turtle King, gave a command.
He ordered nine turtles to swim to his stone
And, using these turtles, he built a new throne.
He made each turtle stand on another one’s back
And he piled them all up in a nine-turtle stack.
And then Yertle climbed up. He sat down on the pile.
What a wonderful view! He could see ‘most a mile!" 
- From 'Yertle the Turtle and other stories' by Dr Seuss

Whenever we go to the garden centre, we always take the Podlings to the aquatic shop to show them the fish. The Podlings love it and it is a lot cheaper than taking them to an aquarium! Watching the turtles provided me with a great deal of  amusement today. Anyone who has read 'Yertle the Turtle' by Dr Seuss will know where I am coming from with this photo. Anyone who hasn't read it will probably wonder why I am posting a blurry photo of a pile of turtles. To them I say...go and read 'Yertle the Turtle', it is a great story and your life will be the better for it.

We love reading Dr Seuss to the Podlings, but being English some the rhymes don't work as well for us as they do for Americans. Mark always comments that you just can't get 'hand' to rhyme with 'command' if you are speaking English properly. But then, Mark is a bit of a stickler for these things and I just tend to enjoy the stories regardless. I never get tired of reading Dr Seuss!


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