Sunday, 6 May 2012

Lunch in bed

Lily somehow managed to hurt her neck this morning. She was fine one minute and then for no obvious reason she started crying and was obviously in some considerable discomfort with her neck and couldn't turn her head. We gave her some Calprofen for the pain and she consented to be tucked up in bed to rest.

It obviously hurt her to move, so she was treated to the almost unheard of pleasure of lunch on a tray in bed. You can see from her face what a thrill she found it! She said it should be called Children's Day because Mummy gets food on a tray in bed on Mother's Day.

As the day wore on, her neck gradually improved and by bedtime she seemed to be able to move her head almost normally again, though she still has a little pain. Hopefully it will clear up completely by tomorrow because she was obviously getting quite bored with resting in bed most of the day, despite the obvious perks.

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