Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Well-Dressed Gentleman

Mark's brother is getting married on Saturday and we are naturally all very excited. Lily and Emma will be bridesmaids, so their outfits have been organised by Kelly, the lovely bride-to-be. They are going to look adorable!

Kelly and Greg wanted Tom to be a pageboy, but Tom said, and I quote, "I'll come to your wedding Uncle Greg, but I'm not doing anything." So that told us! I think he was a little unsure what was involved and was too nervous about it. Mark is going to be an usher, so we thought Tom could help him. An assistant usher if you will!

Being seven is no excuse not to be properly dressed at a wedding, so I ordered Tom this adorable three piece suit and cravat and it arrived this morning. I am so pleased with it! Tom is going to look like such a handsome little gentleman and I can't wait to see him in it. We'll have to persuade a few more people to get married so he can wear it again before he outgrows it!


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