Thursday, 1 March 2012

The early bird catches the aphid

We enjoyed beautiful springlike weather here in Staffordshire this afternoon. It was so nice that we went out into the garden to enjoy a cup of tea. We weren't the only ones enjoying the warmer weather. I noticed this group of ladybirds on the bush behind the garden bench and was rather surprised to see them so early in year. There were seven in this little group, with an eighth ladybird sunning himself on the same bush nearby. Emma was quite fascinated by them and I think rather fancied holding them, though she knew to leave them alone. I took photos of them to show to Tom, who is completely obsessed with all things ladybird. I think he was rather disappointed not to have seen them for himself, but at least we know to keep an eye open for them when we are in the garden now.

Emma was really fascinated with the ladybirds.

 I think Emma would have liked to hold one of the ladybirds.

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