Friday, 23 March 2012

To the garden...

Emma at the sand table

Although I still wouldn't go out without a coat on, the nicer weather has driven us into the garden. The Podlings are so happy to be able to play outside again and it is all we can do to drag them off the trampoline to eat their tea!

Emma and I spent a lovely day outside together yesterday whilst poor Tom and Lily were cooped up in classrooms. I re-filled the sand table and we spent a good while making sand castles and squashing them. We blew bubbles, sang songs, looked for ladybirds and made a start on what will be our vegetable bed. Emma loves gardening, so she really enjoyed getting to play in the mud!

It is so nice to be able to get outside again after the winter. I'm getting excited preparing our planting for this year and have visions of flower beds and homegrown vegetables dancing in my head. I'm looking forward to playing outside with the Podlings, reading in the garden, country walks and picnics. Let's hope this nicer weather sticks around for a while...I just need it to get a little warmer!

Emma helping to prepare the vegetable bed

What child doesn't love the chance to play in the mud?

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