Saturday, 31 March 2012

Burton comes to stay

Tom was very excited to be chosen to bring home the class teddy last week. The previous week's recipient of Burton the dog gets to choose who gets him next and Tom was chosen by a classmate last week. We took lots of photos of Tom and Burton to put in the accompanying diary and Tom was rather sad to part with him on Friday.

Quite by coincidence Tom was also chosen to be the class Star of the week the same week he had Burton. He was awarded the little trophy for excellent handwriting, something Tom has been having to work hard to improve. The trophy took pride of place on a bookcase in the dining room all week.

Tom and Burton at a local indoor play area.

Tom and Burton help Uncle Greg to clean the car last Sunday

We always hold a little party the night before the class teddy goes back to school. I spent Thursday afternoon baking so we could send Burton back to school with a full tummy and lots of happy memories. Here are Tom and Burton at the start of the party.

Bedtime for Burton. Tom and Burton the night before Burton went back to school. Tom loved Burton very much and was rather sad to have to give him back.

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