Saturday, 3 March 2012

World Book Day

Yesterday was World Book Day, which is always a big hit with the children as it means they get to go to school in costume. They had a great day at school, with all the teachers getting into the spirit of things and dressing up too. It's always a popular day in the school calendar, much anticipated by the children.

This year the school asked that the children go dressed as a character from a nursery rhyme or poem. As ever, Tom really wanted to be a ladybird, so 'Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home' was the obvious choice for him. He wore the costume I made for him last year. It was a little shorter in the arms, but it fitted him fine everywhere else, so he was more than happy to wear it again.

Lily settled on 'Mary had a little lamb' and we had fun putting her costume together. She wore one of her (many) smocked dresses with one of my aprons and my pink straw hat. She took her little lamb to school with her in a little wicker basket decorated with artificial flowers.

They were asked to bring a copy of their rhyme or poem with them to school, so I found some nice images on the Internet to go with the nursery rhymes I typed out for them. I printed and laminated them and they have proved very popular with the Podlings. I have already had to make another nursery rhyme for Lily, with requests for more. She enjoys reading them out to anyone who will listen.

As ever, I have more pictures of Lily than Tom. Tom really was not interested in letting me take a picture of him, but I managed to sneak one of him on the trampoline after school. Lily loves to have her picture taken and is always happy to pose for me. They both looked adorable in their costumes.

 Emma wanted in on the dressing up too, so Lily let her take a turn in the hat.

 The laminated poems I made for the Podlings to take to school.

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