Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Barbecue weather

Lily and Emma were pretending to fish in this bucket of rain water. 

We went round to visit Mark's parents at the weekend and since the weather has been so lovely they planned a barbecue and invited Mark's brothers and their fiancees along too. We had a lovely family afternoon together and the Podlings had a great time playing with their uncles and aunts, who seem to have infinite patience with them.

Mark's brother Greg brought his car round to wash and suddenly found himself with some extra helpers. I think Greg took pity on our poor dirty car and very kindly washed ours too. Lily had a little too much fun with the jet spray and I'm not sure that poor Uncle Greg didn't get almost as wet as the car! Lily and Emma had a great time and got thoroughly wet. Tom was smart enough to stay in the background, so managed to remain completely dry!

We had a lovely time with family, got to enjoy our first barbecue of the year and even got a nice clean car out of it. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

 Reeling in a whopper

A five year old with a jet spray - make your own conclusions!

Mark's brother Greg cleaning our rather filthy car 

"I cleaning the lights"

The Podlings with Uncle Ryan and his fiancee Carrie

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