Friday, 18 June 2010

Sports Day

Well done Tom, we are all very proud of you and the effort you put in to your first sports day.
On Monday morning, we all gathered on Tom's school field to watch our little boy in his first sports day. He ran in four races and, although he came last in all of them, he really had a great time. I'm sure he would have done better if he could have been persuaded to stay in his own lane. I think he ran about three times as far as the other children! One thing is for sure, he really put himself into his races and had a great time taking part. I think at his age, the actual position you finish in is completely incidental. I have a lovely picture of myself at Tom's age, proudly showing off my '7th place' rosette! Unfortunately, it was quite a chilly day, so in between the races Tom didn't seem to be having as much fun. The event ended up going on for two and a half hours (much too long for the age group in my opinion) and I think he got quite cold.

Monday was the 'individual races' sports day and this afternoon was supposed to be for the team events, but was rained off. Ah, British have to love its unpredictability! The latter event has been postponed until July, so we will have to work on Tom's lane discipline before then!
Tom really put his all into his races. He put so much effort into his skipping that he looked like he might actually take off, bless him!
Lily congratulates Tom with a hug
Since Emma has discovered the joys of crawling, she hates being confined to her pram. As the event was going on for rather a long time and Emma was getting unhappy, we got her out of the pram and let her crawl on the damp grass. She was quite content to explore the school field and eat mud. With hindsight, an all-white outfit was not a good choice!

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Fi said...

That picture of Emma in the mud is almost as good as the one of Lily and chocolate at a similar age! And I just love the photo of Tom about to take off. Glad he had a good time.