Friday, 18 June 2010

Starting school again.

Last night we left Emma in the care of my mum and went to Lily's school induction evening. It is hard to believe that I will soon have two children in school, but when September rolls around I will find myself with only my baby for company during the day. Although Lily is only just four, I do feel that she is ready for school. It is an excellent primary school and Tom has really come on so well since he started there last year. Lily is a very bright, sociable little girl and I'm confident that she will have no trouble settling in to the school environment. If I had any concerns previously, they would have been dispelled last night after watching her trot around the corridors and classrooms like she was already a pupil! We had trouble getting her to leave she liked it so much! Whether she thinks it is such a great idea when she realises I won't be with her all day remains to be seen, but for now she seems quite excited. She will have an afternoon visit with her new reception teacher in two weeks time, so I am looking forward to seeing how she finds that. I sometimes think we mothers are more concerned about starting school than our children!
(You can read my thoughts following Tom's induction evening last year here.)
"Starting school" by Ethel and Harry Wingfield. Image available from

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