Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A little trip

Mark and I decided to take advantage of the Bank Holiday Monday to take the Podlings on a visit to the Lake District. We left home on Sunday, stayed one night in Kendal and got home late on Monday night. It was only a short visit, but we had a lovely time. It was the first time we have been on holiday with all five of us and it was, obviously, harder work than when we went on holiday last year. This is more to do with Emma's age than the fact that there are five us. Travelling with a baby is always somewhat challenging, especially when said baby wants to be exploring and the rough ground around the Lakes means that she can't get down and crawl. I suspect Emma will enjoy these things more when she can toddle after her brother and sister.
It will come as no surprise to learn that I took a lot of photos during our short trip, so I will be sharing some of my favourites this week. First, I must restore some order to my home, which is suffering from my lack of attention during Lily's birthday celebrations and a busy weekend.
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