Friday, 18 December 2009

My Christmas fairy

Lily the Christmas fairy, snapped just before the concert
Emma and I went to see Lily in her playgroup Christmas concert this morning. Lily looked adorable as a Christmas fairy, though wasn't initially too thrilled about putting her costume on this morning as she told me she wanted to be a pirate. I patiently explained that it was a Christmas concert and that pirates weren't very Christmassy, so she decided to go with the fairy costume after all! The children had all worked very hard to learn the songs and the concert was lovely. Lily joined in all the songs, though she told me afterwards that she didn't know all the words for all of them.

In addition to all the parents and grandparents, the reception and Year 1 classes from Tom's school were also at the concert. Lily was thrilled to see her big brother in the audience and kept waving at him and trying to get his attention. I think it is such a big thing for a three year old to perform in front of such a large audience and to sit still for so long and I'm very proud of my little Christmas fairy.

The children were all given a lollipop after the concert as a reward for taking part. Lily was lucky enough to get a much sought after red lollipop.

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