Monday, 7 December 2009

Deck the Halls - Playroom edition

I have just about finished decorating the house for Christmas, so I thought I'd share some pictures of my festive home, starting with our playroom/ family room. Although we call it the playroom and it is where the children have most of their toys, the whole family uses this room a lot. I just find the term 'family room' somewhat cumbersome. I wanted to do something in this room that we'd all enjoy, but I have focused my efforts on the fireplace and mantelpiece.
Firstly, I draped some artificial greenery around the mirror and hung up the stockings. I'd like to get the Podlings personalised stockings at some point, but for now Tom and Lily are using the stockings that my sister and I had when we were children. Emma will use our 'baby' stocking this year as it is her first Christmas.

I'm rather pleased with my Christmas mantelpiece. Nobody did Christmas quite like the Victorians and since Charles Dickens is my favourite author, it seemed appropriate to put my copies of his Christmas stories on display. In the centre is the wooden candle arch we bought in Germany a few years ago when we were visiting some of the fabulous Christmas markets over there. I've also put out a dish of chocolates and a dish of toffees, since Christmas always allows us a chance to indulge a little!

The copy of 'The night before Christmas' on the mantelpiece is the one my mum read to my sister and me every Christmas eve, so it is rather special. She would read it to us at the dining room table whilst we drank hot chocolate and ate shortbread. Looking at it brings back happy memories and it pleases me to have it on display. I love the illustrations in this copy, but although I will read the poem to the Podlings this year, for now I am using a book that has brighter illustrations to keep them more engaged. I'll save the Arthur Rackham illustrated version until they are a little older.
That's pretty much all I've done in the playroom, but I hope to share my other Christmas decorations with you later in the week. I may have trouble getting access to a computer this week, but we're in the process of sorting that out.

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