Friday, 4 December 2009

Expensive taste

Emma is about to start costing us a great deal of money.
For reasons I won't go into, Emma is being formula fed. We have been using Aptamil as I think it is a good formula and my first two babies never had any problems with it . Tom was premature and I was never able to get him to breastfeed and I successfully combination fed Lily with Aptamil from about 8 weeks. It was natural for me to use the same formula for Emma, so we have been buying the powdered form and she has been taking it from a few days old. She has quite a delicate appetite and has always drunk much less than the average amount for her age. She never finished her feed in one sitting, was very sicky after feeds and only went 3-3.5 hours between feeds during the day. Every now and then we would give her a carton of ready made formula and she always emptied the bottle and looked for more. It was quite clear that she loved the stuff!
Earlier this week, I decided to take the plunge and put her on a trial run of ready made formula only. It has only been a couple of days and it has already made such a difference! She now takes a full feed every time and has already increased her intake by an ounce a feed...much more in line with what she should be taking. She seems much more content and now goes four hours between feeds during the day. She also seems to actually enjoy her feeds now and, crucially, brings up much less afterwards. It has made such a difference that we have now decided to switch her from the powdered form to the ready made formula permanently. Sadly this is going to cost us an extra £12 a week, bringing our monthly formula bill to around £80! Ouch! The girl has expensive taste, just like her mother I guess!

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