Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Water Babies

Tom showing us his wrinkly fingers after a long soak in the bath
I have been half expecting the 'where do babies come from?' question since Emma's rather rapid arrival meant that Tom and Lily were unavoidably present at the birth. Although they have talked about the birth itself, thankfully neither of them has raised the question of how Emma got there in the first place. I realised yesterday that the reason for this is that Tom has his own idea of where babies come from. During my pregnancy, I had told the Podlings that the baby in Mummy's tummy was floating in lots of nice warm water. This obviously made more of an impression on Tom than I realised. Last night, he asked me if I had any water in my tummy. I explained to him that, no, Mummy only has water in her tummy when the baby is growing in there. His immediate response to this piece of information was "Can you drink some more of the special baby water so another baby will grow?". It's nice to know that the arrival of a new sibling has left him hungry for more, but I'm not sure I'm quite as ready as Tom to have another baby just yet!


Quidam_Ela said...

Well, it's more parsimonious than the truth!

Catherine said...

That's funny!