Sunday, 6 September 2009

My school stars

I wanted to mark the start of the new school year in a fun way, so I planned a little 'starting school' tea party for the Podlings this afternoon. I made it a star themed party as Tom and Lily are my little stars and I wanted them to know that as they head off to school and playschool respectively. On the menu we had gold star biscuits (aka star-shaped Shewsbury biscuits), cupcakes, star-shaped sandwiches, spicy star crisps, chocolate stars and strawberries. I made the biscuits and cupcakes last night after all the Podlings were in bed, so most of the work was already done. Mark and his parents kept the Podlings entertained this afternoon while I got everything else ready and I was able to surprise Tom and Lily with this special tea. Their little faces were a picture when they walked in and saw everything. I had a lot of fun putting this tea together, though I'm not sure I could handle Lily's bedtime request of having a party every day!

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes decorated with chocolate star sprinkles.

For the decorations I cut star shapes from coloured foam and tied them to the lights above the table. The tablecloth is a cheap fleece throw from Tesco.

Favours for the Podlings. Glitter pencils tied with ribbon and an apple.

I think Tom liked it!