Thursday, 22 May 2008

Made with love

I always wear an apron when I am baking, so whenever the Podlings and I do baking together, I have to make them 'aprons' out of a tea towel and a peg. Granted, this seems to satisfy the apron craving in both of them, but I wanted to make Lily an apron of her very own for her birthday. I used the leftover fabric from the lambkin and made up my own pattern. My first attempt at machine applique (the heart on the patch pocket) is frankly a bit of a disaster, but I don't suppose Lily will be over-critical of my sewing. Overall I think it is a very sweet little apron and I am pleased with it. I am going to wrap it up with a wooden spoon she can call her own and a packet of chocolate chips. One of her favourite parts of the whole 'baking with mummy' thing is when we come to add chocolate chips to something and I give her and Tom a few chocolate chips each. I expect she will be happier with her packet of chocolate chips than she will with any of her other presents!

In addition to the lambkin and the apron, we are also giving her a new doll, some farm animals to add to her collection and a stack of books (what would a birthday be without a pile of new books to enjoy!). She will also be receiving presents from family members and friends, so I think we will have to spread the presents out over the day so she can enjoy them all. I'm hoping she'll enjoy her handmade presents as much as I enjoyed making them for her.

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