Friday, 9 May 2008

Down on the farm

On the Sunday of our visit to Devon we took the Podlings to Pennywell Farm. We had a wonderful afternoon there petting the animals, playing on the playground equipment and generally having lots of fun. I had as much fun as the Podlings with the animals and I really wanted to bring one of these little piglets home with me...until I saw what they grew into!

Lily absolutely adores all animals, so she was in her element. Unfortunately, the girl has no fear and I was amazed that she came home with ten fingers on her hands! She took a particular shine to a very large Shire horse called Royal, whose head was bigger than her. My mum kept trying to get her to go and look at the smaller animals, but Lily insisted on hanging out with Royal. "Look, horse!" she informed us, as if we could miss him! I was too worried about keeping Lily from poking Royal to take a photo of them together, which is a great shame.

Mark and Tom in the barn
Tom wasn't that interested in the animals, but he's a very active little boy so he loved all the play equipment they had. There was even a special area for the under-5s and they got to have their first go on a trampoline. This was later declared by Tom to be his favourite part of the day. We got some video footage of them on the trampoline, so if I ever work out how to upload video to blogger I'll post it here.

Lily and my mum feeding the lambs
We had a fantastic time here and the Podlings were talking about it for days afterwards. If you are ever in South Devon and looking for something to do with your little ones, I can heartily recommend a trip to Pennywell farm.

This minature cottage was in the Under-5s play area. I figured it would do as my country residence until something bigger comes along!

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