Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Little lamb who made thee?

Since our visit to the farm a couple of weeks ago, Lily has become inordinately fond of lambs. Whenever we come across a picture of a lamb in one of her story books, she immediately starts stroking it and repeating "I wuff you too!" over and over again. The little lady will be turning two next week, so I made this little lambkin for her to open on her birthday (the pattern for the lambkin can be found here). The fabric arrived this morning and I started making it during the Podling's rest time. I finished it off this evening, so it was a nice quick project. I am rather proud of the result.

I am especially pleased that I got it done today as I was in no small amount of discomfort thanks to a wry neck. This is something I have suffered with on and off since I was a child. Basically, the muscles in the right side of my neck go into spasm, with the result that I spend a couple of days in pain with my head over at a funny angle. When it is at its worst, my head goes so far over to the side that I have to rest it on my shoulder. Thankfully it wasn't that bad today, so I was able to make Lily's lambkin. I hope she likes it as much as I do!

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